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Hearthstone mac os

Hearthstone for Mac

In English

  • Version: Heroes of Warcraft
    • 0 User Rating

      Softonic review

      An excellent free online card game set in the Warcraft universe

      Hearthstone is an online collectible card game (CCG) in which you will face friends and strangers with cards and characters inspired by Warcraft. Remember Magic: The Gathering and Duel of Champions? Well, Hearthstone takes these concepts and makes them (even) more accessible with streamlined rules and controls. While it is primarily a multiplayer game, it is also fun to play alone thanks to its full campaign and excellent tutorial.

      An excellent set of simple yet deep cards

      Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft’s clashes have you battling your opponent with your pre-constructed 15 card deck. The possibilities are enormous thanks to the 9 different classes you can play as, each with their own unique cards. Unlike Duel of Champions and similar games, however, none of your cards are filled with complex rules — Hearthstone is committed to simplicity. The game is very accessible from the start, thanks to its excellent tutorial, but as you advance a depth begins to reveal itself. Never has the expression «simple to learn, difficult to master” been so apt, insuring interesting matches for both new player and veterans: a fact clearly demonstrated by the professional community that has developed around the game.

      Besides the straightforward duals seen in other CCG’s, Hearthstone also features an «arena». In this mode (which requires that you pay with money either through earned currency or an in-app purchase), you must build a deck of thirty from a random selection of cards. You then face other opponents one at time until you win 12 matches, or lose three – after which you can claim your reward – creating an intense game mode for players of all abilities.

      Thoughtful gameplay

      Hearthstone gameplay is well designed to work on all platforms (though on smaller screens cards can be hard to make out). With its basic drag-and-drop controls, you will have the basic down long before you finish the tutorial. Not that this will surprise fans of Blizzard who are renounced for their careful and intuitive design.

      Hearthstone’s monetization model is also easy to grasp. You buy packs of cards (boosters) to expand your deck options, coins to face rivals, and expansions to expand the single player campaign. The game’s quest system also allows you to earn in-game currency by finish tasks (such as entering a set number of battles as a specific class). On the whole the game is balanced, meaning purchases are not necessary as long as you are prepared to dedicate some time to it, but those unwilling to part with cash have far more limited strategic options early on.

      Hearthstone graphics are superb, all living up to Blizzard’s usual high technical proficiency and attractive in-house aesthetic. The soundtrack follows the same pattern, with well composed, excellent music.

      The ultimate in online card game

      Warcraft Hearthstone came from now where to sit at the top of the digital CCG pile. The game is interesting and balanced for all players, although it is sad that the players who do not pay tend to be more strategically restricted.

      A game that is both accessible and has depth

      Neat graphics and sounds

      Purchasing and creating cards system simple and effective

    Hearthstone for Mac Free Download | Mac Games

    Posted By iPad Admin on Dec 27, 2017 in Games, Mac

    Hearthstone for Mac is an excellent online collectable card game (CCG), which allows you to face friends and strangers with cards and characters inspired by the Warcraft. Download Hearthstone for Mac Free. Hearthstone for Macbook Pro takes these concepts and makes them even more accessible with streamlined rules and controls. Hearthstone for Macbook Air is a multiplayer game, which is used by a vast number of people all over the world. Hearthstone for Mac OS is also very fun to play alone, in which you can have a plenty of tutorials. The Heroes of the Warcraft’s battles your opponent with your pre-constructed 15 card deck. The app interface provides you with high possibilities by giving the nine different classes you can play. Unlike other similar games like Duel of Champions, the Hearthstone allows you to play with the various classes with their unique cards. And no card is filled with the complicated rules, and It is as simple as any beginner can play. The app interface also provides you with an arena in which you can access the cards in no time. In this game, you must build a deck of thirty from a random selection of cards. You can face the other opponents one at a time until you win twelve matches. The Hearthstone allows you to create an intense game mode for players of all abilities.

    Hearthstone for Mac OS has a better graphical interface, in which you can have an eye-pleasing appearance while playing the game. The Hearthstone is well designed to work on all platforms, but when it comes to a smaller device, it will be little hard to play with the basic drag and drop controls. The app interface is easy to grasp as any beginner can play the game without any hassle. It also provides you with the tutorials in which you can clarify your doubts on gameplay.

    Specifications of Hearthstone for Mac

    Application Name: Hearthstone
    Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
    Version: 9.0.20374
    Categories: Games
    Languages: Multiple Languages
    File size: 3.5GB
    Compatibility: Requires Mac OS X and Later

    Features of Hearthstone for Mac

    The salient features of Hearthstone Mac are listed below

    Starter Decks: The Hearthstone for Mac has the set of prebuilt starter decks in which you can access hundreds of cards and get a chance to win cards, craft or you can purchase your collection. With this decks, you never stop evolving.

    Play Your Way: Find your excellent match in casual, ranked, and arena games, compete in crazy Tavern Brawls, or practice against devious AI opponents and sharpen your skills in Hearthstone’s adventure mode.

    User Interface: The interface of the application is designed much simple considering the convenient of the user, in which you can play the game with full flexibility.

    Artwork: The Artwork of the game is very impressive, which has been designed by famous artists and then converted into a digital form for the gameplay.

    Choose Heroes: The Hearthstone has various heroes with different abilities, in which you can choose your hero and play the game in no time.

    Sync: Hearthstone synchronises your card collections to your Battle.net account, which enables you to switch your play between your iPad and Mac. So you can always link to your card collections.

    Practice Matches: The app interface provides you with an option to play the game with the computer controlled heroes, in which you can learn the gameplay and get good practice to become an expert player.

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    This Post is about Hearthstone for Mac Download, the related applications of Hearthstone are listed below

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    Download Hearthstone for Mac

    Hearthstone for Mac is compatible with the Mac versions of Mac OS X and later.

    You scan download Hearthstone App for Mac from its home site (playhearthstone.com/en-us/).

    Techniques to Download Hearthstone on Mac

    First Technique: It is the first and best method to download the Hearthstone for Mac. You can get the app by just Clicking on the above given ” Download Link “, With this method, you can easily download Hearthstone on Mac. Hearthstone for Mac is an excellent online collectable card game (CCG), which allows you to face friends and strangers with cards and characters inspired by the Warcraft. The interface of the game is very simple and easy to use, even beginner can play the game without any hassle

    Second Technique: In this method, you will be getting the Hearthstone for Mac OS on your MacBook. To download the app, you need to open the MacBook App Store. Now you can go to the search bar and type in as Hearthstone and click to search for the app. You will be able to see the search results showing Hearthstone and its related applications. Click on the Download button. The Hearthstone will be downloaded, and You can install that on your MacBook.

    Third Technique: In this method, you will get Hearthstone for Mac OS with ease. Just visit the official website of Hearthstone. There you will have an option to download Hearthstone for Mac. Just click on the download button to download Hearthstone on your Mac. Just download the app and enjoy gaming with your friends, You can also practice playing with the computer heroes and get familiar with the unique abilities of your favourite heroes, which enables you to win a game easily.

    Screenshots of Hearthstone for Mac

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    Thank you for reading our post. If you have any doubt about Hearthstone for Mac, please comment below.

    Hearthstone 12+

    Thrilling card combat

    Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

      • #122 in Card
      • 3.5, 31.3K Ratings
      • Free
      • Offers In-App Purchases



    Blizzard’s award-winning card battler – experience the magic, mischief and mayhem with your friends.

    Requires an Internet connection and iPhone 5s, iPod touch 6th Generation, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad mini 2 or newer.


    Pick up your cards and throw down the gauntlet! In Hearthstone, you play the hero in a fast-paced, whimsical card game of cunning strategy. In minutes, you’ll be unleashing powerful cards to sling spells, summon minions, and seize control of an ever-shifting battlefield. Whether it’s your first card game or you’re an experienced pro, the depth and charm of Hearthstone will draw you in.

    JUMP RIGHT IN: Fun introductory missions bring you into the world of Hearthstone’s intuitive gameplay.

    BUILD YOUR DECK: With hundreds of additional cards to win and craft — your collection grows with you.

    HONE YOUR SKILLS: Play in practice matches against computer-controlled heroes of the Warcraft universe. Thrall, Uther, Gul’dan — they’re all here!

    COLLECTION TRAVELS WITH YOU: Your card collection is linked to your Battle.net account — enabling you to switch your play between tablet and desktop with ease.

    AND FIGHT FOR GLORY: When you’re ready, step into the Arena and duel other players for the chance to win awesome prizes!

    Languages Supported:
    * English
    * Français
    * Deutsch
    * Español (Latinoamérica)
    * Español (Europa)
    * Italiano
    * Português
    * Polski
    * Русский (Russian)
    * 한국어 (Korean)
    * 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese)
    * 繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese)
    * 日本語 (Japanese)
    * ไทย (Thai)

    © 2014-2020 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. Hearthstone and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.

    What’s New

    ASHES OF OUTLAND PRE-PURCHASE – Pick up one or both Ashes of Outland pre-purchase bundles, available in-game and on the Battle.net web shop through April 6!
    LOG IN TO GET KAEL’THAS — Log in before June 29 to receive the immediately playable Kael’thas Sunstrider and explore his unique power—with the Lord of the Blood Elves in play, every third spell each turn is free.
    For full patch notes visit www.playhearthstone.com

    Ratings and Reviews

    Editors’ Choice

    Blizzard’s first iOS game takes the form of a wonderfully robust card battler. Hearthstone’s gameplay strikes an enchanting balance—it’s easy enough for anyone to pick up in short sessions, yet deep enough to keep the experience feeling fresh. Whether you’re practicing against the computer or creating your own intricate deck of minions, Hearthstone gleams with the polish of premier development.

    Fun game, but.

    The game overall is fun, I would give it 5 stars. However, the first time I downloaded it it wouldn’t let me make an account, which is needed to play with friends and save my progress. When I finished filling out the account creation form, it asked for a security input, which I assume is one of those ‘I’m not a robot’ pictures where you type in what it says. I was unable to do this security input because it wouldn’t load the picture so I couldn’t see what it was. If you’re under 18 there is no security input, so I set it to my actual birthday hoping to go through a parent email to get my account activated. When I tried to do this, however, a dark red rectangle with an x in the upper left corner appeared when I clicked ‘create account’. I assume this box is meant to tell you what’s wrong, but nothing was wrong and the box was blank. I had filled out all the fields correctly. After this, I decided the game was taking up too much space on my phone, so I deleted it planning to reinstall it once I freed up some space. After I had more space, 2.8 GB to be exact, I redownloaded the game. After I downloaded it, I had 1.3 GB left on my phone, which shouldn’t be an issue for anything. When I opened the game, it said ‘Failed to get update. Please check your network connection.’ My WiFi works perfectly fine for everything else, so this should not be an issue. The game fully downloaded all 1.5 GB so I don’t understand why it doesn’t work. Please fix this.

    Superbly polished game

    Blizzard has built a beautiful game, the production value is abnormally high for a mobile game. The game has good mechanics, and a reasonable approach to “free to play” IMHO. The paywall basically boils down to: you need to choose your engagement/investment level. If you want to play for free and slowly build your collection, you can do that. but, you probably won’t be playing any super competitive decks with all the power cards for at least your first year, and will always make come budget compromises. If you want to fast-track into highly competitive play and run all the best cards, there is always $$$. Blizzard actually improved the F2P experience in a recent update by raising the baseline gold offered by all daily quests while also lowering their completion requirements. It’s now easier and more rewarding to complete daily quests. Personally, I take a mixed approach and set a budget of what I’m willing to spend on the game in a year and buy cards selectively at new set releases, then otherwise just operate using quest gold. Pick how you want to play, just please don’t complain about the paywall. There are no “surprises”: you choose when and how much money you want to spend. If you want all the best cards, don’t want to save for them and don’t want to pay for them, then this probably isn’t the game for you.

    Hearthstone mac os

    В настоящее время Android-приложения хранят свой код в файле «classes.dex».
    При декомпиляции приложения, «classes.dex» разберается на файлы *.SMALI, в каждом из которых содержется своя часть кода — которая доступна нам для редактирования.

    GetInternalFilesDir() — назначает место расположения кэша при невозможности сохранения на SD-карту.
    На данный момент располагается в «smalicomblizzardwtcghearthstoneFileUtils.smali»
    Заменив содержимое метода целиком на нижеприведенный, кэш будет устанавливаться в «Android/data» пользовательской памяти, вместо «data/data» системного раздела

    SetHSTextureFormat — определяет тип используемого кэша.
    На данный момент располагается в «smalicomblizzardwtcghearthstoneDeviceSettings.smali»
    Заменив содержимое метода целиком на нижеприведенный, игра будет работать только с кэшем «ETC1», игнорируя поддержку «ASTC», «ATC», «PVRTC» и «DXT»

    installApk — запускает процедуру проверки и обновления приложения.
    Заменив содержимое метода целиком на нижеприведенный, приложение будет пропускать данную проверку.

    Assembly-CSharp.dll содержит в себе множество функций всего происходящего в игре.
    Изменяя их, мы можем поменять практически любое событие.

    Network > GetPlatformBuilder — определяет информацию об устройстве, которая в итоге отправляется на игровой сервер.
    Можно использовать для получения подарков по акции «Galaxy Gift», изменив код на такой:

    TimeScaleMgr > Update — здесь можно изменить скорость проигрывания анимаций в игре.
    В данном примере выставлено трехкратное ускорение игры.

    Текстуры в форматах ETC и RGBA поддерживаются практически во всех устройствах на Android.
    ATC, PVRTC и DXT — чипо-зависимые, и, обычно, устройством поддерживается только один из этих форматов.
    ETC2 — требует Android 4.3 или новее, и поддержку OpenGL ES 3.0
    ASTC — требует Android 5.0 или новее, и поддержку OpenGL ES 3.2 (либо OpenGL ES 3.1 + Android Extension Pack).
    Если устройство не поддерживает текстуры используемого вами кэша, то игра попытается их переконвертировать на лету в RGBA32 — что позволит отобразить весь игровой контент, но из-за дополнительной нагрузки на процессор — появятся фризы и провисания FPS.

    Для сборки Low-End Mod’а рекомендую уменьшать текстуры с каналом прозрачности (альфа-каналом) до 64x64px, и сохранять в DDS с форматом ARGB4444, без мипмапов.

    Store = Google
    Mode = Production

    Если на мобильном устройстве отсутствует GooglePlayMarket, то в игре перестаёт быть доступным внутриигровой магазин.
    Но если мы изменим значение параметра Store на Battle.net, то магазин будет доступен и без стороних сервисов.

    Также есть возможность включить симуляцию запуска игры на устройстве иного типа.
    Например, чтобы запустить игру с мобильным интерфейсом, нужно добавить эти строки:

    Здесь значение Android Phone можно заменить на Android Tablet, и это привёд к тому что будет принудительно запускаться планшетный интерфейс.
    Более подробное описание доступно в этом посте: Hearthstone[3D, Online] (Пост zloyted #63567819)

    Для игроков PC-версии игры, существуют параметры запуска игры минуя Battle.net-клиент.
    Делается это просто, добавлением вот этих строк:

    • кэш размещается в «Android/data» пользовательской памяти, вместо «data/data» системной памяти
    • занижены минимальные требованиятройству для запуска приложения

    Hearthstone v11.4.25447 mod.apk ( 41,7 МБ )

    Hearthstone v11.4.25447 LEM ETC1.apk ( 37,71 МБ )
    Hearthstone v11.4 LEM ETC1 cache.7z ( 108,33 МБ )

    Ссылка на заметку со всеми пояснениями
    Hearthstone v11.4.25447 LEM ASTC.apk ( 37,71 МБ )

    Распаковать Assembly-CSharp.dll и поместить по пути «HearthstoneHearthstone_DataManaged«, заменив оригинал (строго рекомендуется сделать копию оригинального файла).

    Список изменений:

    • добавлено управление скоростью анимации в игре ползунком в левой части окна игры, и стрелками на клавиатуре
    • убран эффект тряски камеры
    • добавлена возможность получить подарки по акции GalaxyGift
    • принудительно используется магазин Blizzard (полезно при использовании мобильного интерфейса)
    • все отсутствующие карты в коллекции отображаются в цвете

    Hearthstone PC 11.4 MixMod.zip ( 2,34 МБ )

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